A place where amazing things Get Done!

SmartCodeHouse appreciates integrity, trust, respect and gradual progress. We are committed to building strong business relationships with our clients and developing best solutions for their businesses tailored to their needs.

Our values

From the beginning, SmartCodeHouse has certain principles and values that are woven into the very foundations of our company:

  • We carefully choose and evaluate every employee to create a good and creative team of experts as a basis for all our ventures.
  • We care about our team and staff, treat them all equally and offer them advancement opportunities.
  • We are helping each other by sharing knowledge, success and failures. We are always ready to face new challenges and take on new endeavours.
  • We encourage curiosity and originality, that’s why our team consists of mostly creative young professionals ready to show what they know.
  • We strive for simplicity - it tends to be the key for elegance and perfection.
  • We play fair and equally care about partners and clients. We always listen closely to understand and meet their needs.
  • We provide guidance and give suggestions and advice. We always warn clients to avoid business risks their request potentially brings.
  • Each member of our team is eager for learning new knowledge and constantly strives to learn test, accept and implement new technologies, which makes SmartCodeHouse developed solutions use cutting edge technologies where and when appropriate.
  • We are always open to new ideas, suggestions and criticism. We are flexible and aren’t afraid of changes.
  • We always look for new opportunities to improve the quality, and we are keen to develop new valuable, distinctive, incomparable and top-notch solutions that implement cutting edge technologies and incorporate creative design.

Our Mission

SmartCodeHouse’s primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers and partners.

Our mission is to eradicate existing technological barriers, so that increasingly complex requests of present market would meet incessant desire and need of our customers and partners to be innovative and competitive, with minimal technological limitations in relation to their ideas, requests and requirements.

SmartCodeHouse tends to develop and deliver to clients solutions with industry-leading technology implemented in order to both grow their business and differentiate themselves. That’s why we are in constant contact with clients - so that together we can come up with results that will be to our mutual satisfaction.

We always strive for improvement, so our clients can expect any type of assistance in the field of software solutions. Concern for our clients and partners is one of our fundamental missions and it gives us a huge advantage over the competition. We always take responsibility and take a stand for the benefit of our client.

Our Vision

SmartCodeHouse’s basic vision is to implement, use and tame cutting-edge technology where applicable in order to develop industry-leading solutions that would benefit our clients in many ways.

Further on, our vision is to:

  • Create an amazing team of creative experts
  • Meet and deliver solutions to the diverse needs of our clients in order to create stable relationships
  • Explore new learning opportunities
  • Beat both our competition and help client beat their competition

Our Location

Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday - Closed
  • Sunday - Closed